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Restoration samples
Restoration of the month: August
French Portrait, oil on linen canvas, XIXth Century

Center covered with blooming disturbing the legibility



Restoration of the month: July

Restoration of an icon: Mandilion (representation of the Holy Cloth by Saint Veronica),

Russian, XIXth century, oil on wood.


View during the cleaning process: the left half of the picture has been cleaned. The oil based varnish called “Olifa” has turned dark by natural aging in addition to the deposits of soot and airborne pollution. The edges are partially torn away by the removal of the oclad (metal added frame).

Restoration of the month: June


This dutch painting of the XVIIth century has been bought as a copy of the XIXth century. It is a oil painting on oak panel.



The painting came for restoration in three parts.

Restoration of the month: May
This page shows a painting in its different work stages, from the reception to the restored artwork, describing in a few words the techniques used . Every month I will add a new example.

Baptisme of Christ, anonymous, XVIIth c.


 Detail of generalised blooming of the varnish due to an unhappy « cleaning » effort with a wet cloth

Détail du chanci


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